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Current teaching, research and development priorities

Current teaching, research and development priorities
1. Teaching focus

The firm is now enrolled in groups and is not limited to graduates of the Faculty of Law or non-legal faculty. However, in addition to professional law courses, graduates of the illegal department are required to take basic law courses to strengthen their legal literacy. In addition, in addition to paying attention to professional training, in order to improve the ability of postgraduates to read the literature of various countries and assist students who intend to pursue further studies in Germany and Japan, and especially pay attention to foreign language training, the Institute has advanced Japanese and German legal classics to study and train graduate students. Foreign language ability.

2. Research focus

Issues related to the marine legal system, fisheries, shipping policies, marine and air transport laws, marine environmental protection laws, marine resources (fisheries, marine mining and energy) laws, maritime criminal law, marine policies, and marine regulations across the Taiwan Straits.

3. Development focus

(1) In conjunction with changes in state organizations, it is proposed to establish the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, systematically collect books and materials on the law of the sea and establish a complete library of books and materials.

(2) The recruitment of maritime public law and private law teachers to strengthen the study of marine law.

(3) Actively connect with and exchange research results and information with domestic and foreign marine law and policy research units.

(4) Establishing a website on the law of the sea and policy information for the purpose of research and enquiry.

(5) Strengthening the integration of the international law of the sea and China's domestic law of the sea, maritime transport, and maritime criminal law.

(6) Strengthening research on issues related to the oceans on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

(7) Promote the sustainable development of the marine policy and the legal system and set up the "Taiwan Ocean Law Society".

(8) Continue to handle the "Taiwan Journal of Ocean Law" and strengthen academic exchanges.

(9) Strengthening the exchange of marine law and policy teachers at home and abroad, and enriching the faculty lineup of the Institute.

Future enrollment strategy

The University has not yet established a university department. It is mainly based on the master's degree system. At present, it mainly organizes activities for the university students to meet with the school's annual enrollment instructions and research institutes. For this event, we have specially designed a beautiful introduction for publicity and explanation.

The firm also participated in the training of the lecturers of the school, so that the commentator clearly introduced the general situation of the firm at the fair. Another consideration is that the publicity activities have limited influence on recruiting, and the performance of alumni is live advertising. In addition, the continuous handling of academic seminars is also a publicity.

If the Ministry of Education approves the approval to set up a university department, through the school's annual enrollment instructions, university expeditions, and in conjunction with the strategic alliance of his school relations, joint recruitment instructions, in order to achieve enrollment with half the effort.