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The Institute was founded in August 1977, Group A of the Institute of Oceanography, Institute of Technology, and was approved by the Ministry of Education as the Institute of Marine Law of the Maritime University on August 1, 1991. It was incorporated into the newly established Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2005. The graduates of our master's program have been awarded a master's degree in law over the years. The English degree was approved in 1992 by M.A. (Master of Arts) to LL. M. (Master of Laws). In 2001, a master's in-service special class was established, and a doctoral class was established in 2003.

The Institute is a legal professional research institute that focuses on marine law as its research and teaching. It is often entrusted by the government to carry out research on various marine law legislations or amendments, and contributes to the establishment and improvement of the national marine legal system.

The main purpose of the Institute is to study the advanced theory of ocean law, to train specialized researchers in international public law and private law, and to provide advice on issues related to ocean law to promote the development and utilization of marine resources, thereby ensuring the state's Master and maintain the rights and interests.

The company moved to the school's sea and air building in 1994. The equipment is continuously updated to provide a good learning and research environment for our teachers and students. The firm currently has a small library, which has a collection of more than 2,000 professional books and periodicals in China and abroad. The school's general library also has a collection of professional books, and the materials are quite rich. The Institute has 7 teacher-specific research rooms, 5 dedicated classrooms, 1 legal service agency office, 2 computer rooms and 7 master's degree research rooms, 1 master's in-service special research room, and 1 doctoral research room.

The firm now has three classes of doctoral, master's and master's in-service classes, including master's and master's in-service classes, which are divided into group A (legal graduates) and group B (non-legal graduates). Enrollment. At present, there are 11 doctoral students in the doctoral program, 38 graduate students in the master's program, and 65 graduate students in the master's degree program, with a total of 114 graduate students.